Fatherhood: We're the Kahlers (Episode 4)

Fatherhood: We're the Kahlers (Episode 4)

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Dree: Hi!

Paul: Yo, what up?

We're the Kahlers.

I hope to see you at the end of this vlog.

They're all awake?

Kelly: Hi.

Mom's hiding.

Paul: Oh, so you're gonna hide, too?


Dree: Hi.

Paul: Good morning, Pencey.

Dree: Hide.

Kelly: Hide.

Paul: Good morning, Mom.

Kelly: Hi.


Paul: Hide.

Good morning, Rowley.

Paul: Good mornin’.

We're all up.

It's 7:15.

Dree: Hi!

Paul: Hi, come here and say hi.

I'm Paul. And today I'm just gonna hold the camera and show you guys kind of a day in the life of a dad.

Dree: Hi!

Paul: Wanna say "good morning"?

Dree: Hi!


Paul: Morning.

She's so cute, huh?

Can I have a kiss?

So right now it's 7:15, and we'll do every hour, so I'll see you in about 45 minutes.

So in the morning we kinda just hang out in bed for a few minutes and let everyone wake up.

We have a king-size bed so we can all fit.

Kelly: Kind of.

If Rowley didn't take up everything.

Paul: Rowley's the biggest kid so he takes up a lot of room.

Huh, bud?

But yeah, so we'll get up in about five minutes and do diapers, hang out.

Then normally about 8 o'clock we're eating breakfast.

Kelly: They wake up – they wake up often during the nighttime.

Normally, like, every hour for each one of them, so every two hours to three hours.

Last night Rowley only woke up, I think, once.

Paul: You only woke up once?

Kelly: Which was amazing.

Paul: You must have been so tired.

You crazy little boy.

Eight o'clock is here and we are just making breakfast.

What are we making for breakfast?

Kelly: Sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, beans, hash.

Rowley: [squealing]

Kelly: Rowley is singing.

You singing, buddy?

Rowley: [squealing]

Paul: What did you eat?

Dree: This.

Paul: You ate a coffee bean?

Dree: Yeah.

Paul: Was it good?

Dree: No.

Paul: No?

Nine o'clock. Breakfast is done.

Kids are sleeping now and just hanging out now.

At 10 o'clock we'll start getting ready for Dree's swimming lessons.

So when the kids are asleep, you basically try to get as much stuff as possible.

So right now, I'm just gonna get ready for the day.

Get ready for Dree's swimming lessons.

Twins and a 2-and-a-half-year-old has been quite the challenge.

Definitely don't get a lot of sleep.

You're definitely always holding a baby, changing a diaper.

It's been an experience that most parents don't get to experience, and I find that rewarding, challenging, and just overall fun.

Even though, like, some nights, or some days are just, like, absolutely insane and crazy. And I just wanna go somewhere but home, because that's real.

And I think a lot of parents feel the same way, even if they have just one baby, two babies, or triplets.

There's definitely a bit more of a need when you have twins, because it's like two babies all the same age.

They need the same amount of milk.

Maybe one baby needs more.

Maybe one baby poops more.

One baby could be sick.

But overall, it's been so much fun.

Every stage has its benefits, and right now Rowley and Pencey are always smiling and laughing and just – they're overall, like, so much fun right now.

We have 'em on a pretty good schedule right now where they wake up about 7 or 8 depending on which one it is.

And they're normally awake for about an hour and a half and then go back and take a nap for about an hour.

Sometimes only 30 minutes.

Rowley has to be in his bouncer.

He has a hard time soothing himself to sleep. Where Pencey – she found her fingers, her thumb, and she will just pass out in her bed and even at nighttime.

But overall, it's pretty easy.

We have a pretty good schedule, so to speak.

For me, I work from home. I'm a filmmaker. So it's nice, we just have a back office that I can just go – and if Kelly needs anything, needs extra help, she just comes and gets me or calls me most of the time.

But yeah, it's so much fun.

I absolutely love life right now, and where we're at with life, and it's just a blessing, so.

What are you doing?

Are you doing cross-fit?

Look at you.

Yeah, girl.

Feet up in the air and you're all sideways.

It's 10 o'clock.

Pencey's up.

Let's get her out.

Mommy bundled you up so good, huh?


Dree: Hi.

Paul: Who's awake?

Dree: Pencey!

Paul: Pencey!

Hey, bud.

He's really good at tummy time.

He loves it, huh, buddy?

So getting out the house is always interesting.

Two babies.

Are you ready to get in your car seat?

You're a little monkey, huh?

You have monkey feet?

So stinking cute. So we're gonna head to swim right now.

See you there.

Just finished swimming, so now we're gonna go get popsicles.

It's like 11:30.

But yeah, it was fun.

Dree's getting better at swimming.

Kelly: We don't do lessons.

We don't do any type of things really except swimming, because that's kind of an important thing to learn.

Paul: Yeah.

A lot of our life revolves around water, so she needs to learn how to swim.

So I guess I left the car ignition turned on and it drained the battery, so now we have to get our car jumped.

Real life right there.

Battery dies, three kids, so much fun.

Kelly: It's easy-peasy.

Paul: Super easy.

Kelly: Fresh and squeezy.

Paul: Someone inside that place we had our popsicles had jumper cables for us, and my mom just pulled around front.

You hear that?

That's the vacuum.

It's 1 o'clock and I'm vacuuming.

It's one of those times where I get on a roll with cleaning – I just keep going.

Babe, what else do you want me to do?

Just kidding, that's all I'm doing. Vacuuming.

But yeah, but it's true when I do get on a roll with cleaning I just kind of clean everything.

She asked me to clean the living room.

The vacuum's out, it doesn't come out very often.

So I might as well get everything.

Even the dust bunnies under our bed.

Dree Dree, where's Rowley at?

You guys talking?

Dree: I talk.

Paul: You're talking to Rowley?

I don't know if I'm gonna make it to work today.

That's just how some days go.

Sitting on the couch trying to get Rowley to go to sleep.

Babies are all awake except for Dree.

Hi, honey.

Yep, it is a little past 3.

Still haven't made it to the office.

But I'm gonna go head to the office and do email stuff, so I'll see you over there.

So it's a little past 3, and normally I get out to the office about 9 o'clock, but today was just a little different.

I kinda wanted to show you kind of how I'm involved as a father, and it's been kind of like a weekend. That's kind of like what I do.

I love being a father, it's so much fun.

There's so much, like, reward. There's so much change. There's difficulties which in life I – not that I like difficult things to happen, but I like challenges, I guess you could say.

I think challenges can really show on who you are as a person, if that makes any sense.

But I've always been up for a challenge.

The whole having twins with the 2-year-old – it's so much fun.

When you ask other people that are on the streets that have twins I always ask them, "When does it get easier?"

And from the very first person I asked they say it doesn't ever get easy.

It just goes through different stages of difficulties.

They're right about it doesn't get easier, but it's definitely easier now than it was three months ago.

I can definitely tell you that.

Right now I'm just gonna do some emails.

I'm not gonna do any editing today but just catch up on emails, send a couple things out.

It's 5 o'clock and I'm done working for the day.

I'm gonna go inside and see what the kids and my wife are doing and probably get some dinner because I skipped lunch.

Some days you just skip lunch, that's just how it goes.

Dree: Hi.

Hi, daddy.

Paul: What are you doing?

What are you doing, silly?

Dree: Watching.

Paul: You watching?

Dree: Yeah.

Paul: What are you watching?

You tired?

Bounce, bounce, bounce.



Coffee shop burritos.

Nonformal dinnertime.

Then we'll do bath time in about, what, 30 minutes?

Thirty minutes, kids go to bed at like 7 o'clock.

All right it's 6 o'clock.

Dree: Hi.

Paul: And we're gonna do bath time.

What are we gonna do now?

Dree: Shower!

Paul: Shower!

It's bath time. Actually we just take showers.

But yeah, successful day: all three kids are still alive.

One, two, three, and we're gonna get to bed early.

Use this daylight savings to our advantage and get these kids to bed an hour early, because they'll still wake up at the same time.

My favorite part of the day.

Pencey: [squeals]

Paul: Just listen to all the sounds.

Everyone is talking because everyone so excited.

Huh, honey?

Everything she does, like the way she looks at you.

See what I mean?

Look at that.

She spits, she laughs.

Her giggle is so stinking cute.

And him, he's always smiling.

You can get him to smile anytime you want.

He gets a little rough at night.

Like, nighttime sleeping, but overall you're a good boy.

You scratched yourself!

What are you doing?

You got that firsthand, just straight throw-up.

Oh, my goodness.

Huh, bud?

You gonna crawl, big boy?

You a big boy?

So yeah, that was shower time. And now Kelly and I are just gonna sit on the couch and hang out.

Hope you liked today's vlog – just kinda a day in the life of me.

Dree: Bye.

Paul: Bye.

Kelly: Say goodnight!

Paul: Say goodnight.

Dree: Night!

Paul: If you have any comments please let me know.

Our link to our YouTube channel is in the description as well.

Peace out. We're the Kahlers.

Dree: Peace!

Video production by We're the Kahlers.

Watch the video: Fatherhood. Were the Kahlers. Ep. 4 (July 2022).


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