Learning to share

Learning to share

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Species: 3-year-old
Favorite word: "Mine"

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Learning to Share


The Hobby Horse Hog
(horsus hoggus)
Sharing strategy: Timed turns.
1 to 2 minutes is good at this age.

The Snack Stockpiler
(genus nom-nom)
Sharing strategy: Set aside a snack for your child to share with a friend (if their grown-up says it's OK).

For me
For you
A blend of all natural fruit juice and water.
All-natural ingredients.
No sugar added.
Not a low-calorie beverage.

Sharing feels good and empowering.

The King of the Castle
(sandboxus dictatorus)
Sharing strategy: Create a community.
Your child will learn that playing together adds to the fun.

Sharing is a skill.
With a little patience, practice, and guidance, your preschooler will get the hang of it.

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Watch the video: Sesame Street - Learning to Share 1998 Australian VHS (June 2022).


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