Meaning of the name Druso. Name for boys

Meaning of the name Druso. Name for boys

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Among all the names for boys we highlight Druse. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

Well known for having worn it by various famous figures in the history of Rome, among which Marco Livio Druso, tribune of the plebs in the 2nd century BC, who opposed the reforms of Gaius Graco or Nero Claudius Druso, Roman general of the 1st century .C, son of Livia Drusila, who undertook victorious campaigns against the Germans. It is also the name of the saints, with two Roman martyrs of the first centuries.

From the Latin Drusus, an ancient Roman name, attested from republican times, frequent as cognomeny as supernomen among members of the Livia gens.

December 14 and 24


  • Tiberius Drusus Claudius Julius Caesar, called Drusus the Younger, son of the Roman Emperor Tiberius. Russian Julius Caesar, son of Julius Caesar Germanicus and Agrippina the elder, was the brother of Emperor Caligula. Nero Claudius Drusus, called Drusus the Elder, nephew of the emperor Roman Octavio. Mark Livio Druso the Censor, died in 108 a. C., consul in 108 a. C., censor.Marco Livio Druso el Tribuno, died in 91 a. C., son of Marco Livio Druso the Censor, tribune.

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