Denim diapers: the latest in 'intimate apparel' for babies

Denim diapers: the latest in 'intimate apparel' for babies

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Of course, the world of the diaper has evolved very considerably, since our moms used with us the typical washable gauze spikes or huge cellulose compresses until today. Now moms no longer have to wash, hang, iron and worry about the continuous escapes of our little one.

Our maternal task in changing diapers is now easier, since we have an inexhaustible offer, a wide range of brands, ages, absorbencies, colors and drawings ..., the current diapers, without a doubt, are the bomb ! The appearance on the scene of the diaper briefs has been a great comfort for us and for our baby, although of course the cost of this basic essential for babies has increased.

But if you think that things have come this far and we can no longer be surprised, you are wrong. I have had knowledge of a new proposal of the most "fashion", it is the jean or jeans diapers, that the well-known brand Huggies has launched on the market. Now, we will not only be captivated by the ass of this or that actor, now our babies can also "mark a package" with their denim diapers. There is nothing funnier than a baby wearing their bulky diapers and those characteristic cowboy gaits, And if we add to this this new collection, decorated with funny jeans pockets, it seems that more than one mother will decide not to put her pants on top. Now that the good weather is coming, perhaps it is an ideal time for our baby to show off his underwear, without any regard. If there is a garment that is not missing in most of our wardrobes, it is the well-known and universal jean, a garment that is perpetually fashionable. If dad, mom and siblings like to wear jeans, why couldn't the little one of the family, without any other effort than a recurring diaper change? Well, our baby is not going to be cool with such an idea! Of course, I suppose they will not fade, since they are not yet known in the Spanish market, has anyone tried them?Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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