How much does bedwetting cost for a family?

How much does bedwetting cost for a family?

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When you have children in a family, expenses always skyrocket. You have to buy them clothes, pacifiers, bottles, diapers, etc. For the family that has a child with enuresis, the expenses are even greater. Enuresis costs families more than a thousand euros a year.

Families with a case of enuresis are particularly affected by the crisis. All the bedding and the child's own clothes have to be constantly renewed. Each family with a child suffering from enuresis spends about 1,100 euros per year. The fact of wetting the sheets daily, and having to change pajamas and underwear raises the cost above 160 euros.

The washing machines in a home with a child who does not control toilet training generate 1,530 kilos more of clothes per year than the rest. In addition, we must add another cost that cannot be quantified: the emotional cost of the child and his parents.

Some countries have on occasion requested a tax cut on diapers, to help parents better cope with this period of economic recession ...

The fear of wetting the bed produces great anxiety in the child. As parents, we must calm them down and make them see that there is no type of retaliation for this, without forgetting to show them that it is something they can solve.

There are two ways to protect the mattress: the cellulose protector, which is an absorbent and waterproof single-use product, or the waterproof covers, which are placed under the sheets to avoid direct contact with the child's skin. Another idea would be the use of disposable diapers because they keep the child dry and prevent the bedding and mattress from getting dirty.

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