Recommended books on twin babies

Recommended books on twin babies

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1. Basic manual of the twins
Lenny Duijvelaar Anjo Geluk
It is an indispensable manual for those who are expecting or already have a pair of twins or more. Indispensable for the complete and varied information it offers, for the hundreds of practical advice it contains and also for the amount of experiences of parents of twins that it presents in the form of an interview. It is a rigorous and complete book: it begins with the first months of pregnancy and continues until the twins are already on their own.

2. Big Book of Twins

Coks Feenstra
This book answers the many questions parents of twins often ask themselves every day. Solve all your doubts, from the first moment to adulthood. Thus, it includes all the significant stages: pregnancy, childbirth, childhood and adolescence. The author, child psychologist and editor of the magazine Crecer feliz, has carried out a study on the education of twins and triplets that has allowed her to develop this practical and enjoyable guide, which will be of great help to parents who find themselves in this situation .

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