Books to take care of children and babies

Books to take care of children and babies

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1. Healthy baby Janet balaskas
Healthy Baby teaches us how important parental presence is for the optimal development of the newborn. The author takes us by the hand in all the small details that make a big difference when promoting harmonious growth, both physical, mental and emotional, because not only healthy eating is important, but also communication and love between parents and their parents. In addition, it explains the correct way to breastfeed the baby and the natural remedies, based on the wisdom of hundreds of years, to solve the most common discomforts in their first year of life.

2.Help, my baby comes without an instruction manual Blythe lipman
The first day of the baby at home can be one of the most terrible in the life of a new mother: what to do when the baby does not stop crying, when he does not want to eat, when he cannot sleep? Help! My baby comes without an instruction manual offers wise, ingenious and practical advice that will help new parents feel secure in knowing how to face the daily difficulties related to caring for their baby: sleep, crying, the art of putting on a diaper, traveling with a newborn, choosing nursery, feeding or what to do if the baby falls ill.

3. My happy baby
Ann Richardson, Megan Faure
This book on baby care addresses three of the main concerns of parents during their child's first year: Why is my baby crying? How can I get my baby to sleep well? How can I improve my baby's development? ? The secret behind a happy, cheerful baby who is curious about the world around him, who falls asleep easily and who sleeps peacefully for long periods, is to understand his sensory world.

4. The future baby. Art and science of parenting
Pamela weintraub
A surprising classic that has completely changed the perspective of child development in the womb and has guided mothers and fathers around the world, Dr. Thomas R. Verny, prestigious researcher and author, brings us closer to the most revolutionary discoveries in the field from neuroscience and developmental psychology to demonstrate how everything a baby experiences in the womb and later, after birth, leaves an indelible mark on the entire body.

5. 1000 tricks to raise your baby
Christilla Pellé-Douël
Pediatrics books are important, so are child psychology books, but this is an indispensable book. It makes life easier for the child, the mother and everyone around them. With a multitude of tips and recommendations, in this book you will also find tricks, tricks and more tricks for: The pregnant mother. The newborn The baby during the first year of life. The child up to three years of age. In a fun, simple and practical way, the author explains everything related to food, sleep, clothes, whims, health, games, the first steps, hygiene, dangers, your baby's habits, schedules, and so on.

6. The stork kit
Dome Books
Everything you need to know to enjoy your baby's first year. In this book you will find two works: "The first year of your baby" and the "Agenda for the first year of the baby". The first of them is a complete guide full of information, illustrations, ideas and advice, developed by different specialists and experts on the subject, especially what involves the health and education of the baby, in its first year of life. The second book is about an agenda in which parents can capture feelings and memories of their baby.

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